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Oral Conscious Sedation for Children

Some children can become anxious when they see the dentist. As a result, they may not be able to relax or sit still long enough to receive treatment.  Using conscious sedation may allow a child to become more relaxed. But the child will be able to respond to voices or stimulation and will maintain his or her protective reflexes. Conscious sedation may be used when a child requires a lot of dental treatment or has special needs. 


The objective of Conscious/Oral Sedation:


·         Recommended for use on apprehensive children, young children,                  and/or children with special care needs.

·         It is used to calm children and to reduce the anxiety or discomfort                  associated with dental treatments.

·         Eliminate anxiety

·         Reduce movement and reaction to dental treatment

·         Enhance patient cooperation

·         Increase tolerance for longer appointments

·         Reduce gagging